Agent Shepard is the driver of Crimson Fury in Twisted Metal: Head-On. He is a good and dedicated FBI agent who enters the Twisted Metal tournament with the goal to bring the FBI's most wanted man, Calypso, to justice. He's a simple and straightfoward man. If he wins Twisted Metal, Shepard hopes to capture Calypso with the help of the FBI.

Twisted Metal: Head-On

In this game, Agent Shepard enters Twisted Metal to capture Calypso and to put an end to the contest. He and Crimson Fury are only unlocked if you beat the Death Race Challenge in Monaco.

Voice actor: Scott MacDonald


Twisted Metal Head-On - Crimson Fury's Ending

Twisted Metal Head-On - Crimson Fury's Ending


  • As seen in Agent Shepard's ending, he enters the contest under the name "Smith."
  • Agent Shepard's ending is similar to Quatro's, as they both want to arrest the host of the competition but were about to be gunned down by their henchmen before federation police comes in and back up the contestant, giving him a chance to arrest the host.