"Save the world!"
—Amber Rose, Twisted Metal III

Amber Rose is the driver of Flower Power. She, along with her vehicle, only appears in Twisted Metal III.

Twisted Metal III

Unlike most environmentalists, Amber doesn't mind a little twisted metal cluttering the landscape if it means she can eventually reverse the damage. After gagging on sludge-filled water and coughing up smog-clogged air, she's all about dishing out a 100% all-natural butt-kicking to her opponents. Following an intense firefight, Amber has been known to creep out onto the ravaged battlefield to collect scrap metal for recycling.
"The world is being ruined by these macho freaks driving around shooting and destroying things! Tiny forest creatures are in danger. Boycotts and picketing are useless. Fighting isn't cool, but its up to me to save our beautiful planet!"

Info and Ending:

Twisted Metal III - Flower Power's Info

Twisted Metal III - Flower Power's Info

Twisted Metal III - Flower Power's Ending

Twisted Metal III - Flower Power's Ending



Amber's secret info screen

  • There is a secret password that displays an alternate info screen picture of Amber, featuring a revealing view of her very short leather skirt.
  • It's possible that she's a vegetarian, most notable for her love of animals.
  • For some reason, in her ending cutscene she is blonde while her info picture shows her as a brunette (but it could be the lighting of the picture). Also her outfit appears to change drastically as well.
  • Amber's last name, Rose, is a reference to her occupation as an environmentalist.
  • Amber's wish may have changed due to the other Twisted Metal competitors being destroyed.