"Yo-yo-yo-yo, excuse me?! Who do you think you're talkin' to?!"
—Angel, Twisted Metal: Head-On

Angel is a contestant appearing only in Twisted Metal: Head-On. She is the driver of Thumper and the first female in the Twisted Metal series to do so.

Twisted Metal: Head-On

Backstory: For years, Angel has wanted to compete with the big boys and their lowriding, customized, bass-pumping vehicles. Growing up, she's watched her brothers and cousins build, modify, and create incredible vehicles, while basking in all the attention and notoriety that comes along with them. She's had to stand by the sidelines simply watching the car show competitions instead of competing herself. Twisted Metal was just the opportunity she was looking for. If she wins, she'll finally have the car that puts them all to shame.

Angel is voiced by Kim Mai Guest.


Twisted Metal Head-On - Thumper's Ending

Twisted Metal Head-On - Thumper's Ending