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Benny is a non-playable character that only appears in Twisted Metal: Black. He is the only character associated with Mr. Grimm and has plays a fairly large part in his story.

Twisted Metal: Black

Benny was Mr. Grimm's closest friend. During the Vietnam War, Benny was shot, and he and Grimm were captured and trapped in a hole 50 feet deep, with no means of escape. A week later, Benny died, and Mr. Grimm was forced to eat him. The advisor to the Vietnamese intentionally let him starve, just to see him eat his friend. This was the origin of Mr. Grimm's cannibalism and eventually the reason he was sent to Blackfield Asylum.


  • Benny and Kelly (from Raven's story) are similar in a few ways:
    1. They're the best friends of the respective characters in question.
    2. Both were killed by people on whom the contestant vows revenge.
    3. Their deaths caused the contestants to be committed to Blackfield Asylum.
  • The skull that Mr. Grimm wears on his head is Benny's, However in the cutscenes it's abnormally large.