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Blackfield Asylum

Blackfield Asylum is a mental institution prominently featured in Twisted Metal: Black. It is the place where almost all of the contestants that are initially available reside, due to their different stories.

Blackfield Asylum is also featured in the level Prison Passage, in which the player starts off on a prison boat, and eventually arrives at the asylum.

It is also interesting to note that the asylum featured in the level looks completely different to the asylum featured in the cutscenes. Blackfield Asylum in the cutscenes appears as a simple building in the middle of a barren desert, while the Asylum in Prison Passage is giant, rests on an island, and consists of many different areas and has many levels, including a large drawbridge and electrical fence defences.

The only member of staff depicted in the game is a single guard who sits outside some of the inmates cells reading a newspaper, though there are some other guards that are shown in Sweet Tooth's execution scene, but they may just be police, or said scene took place somewhere else.

Excerpts from each patients' record (such as psychological evaluations and treatment plans) can be found in the character select menu.

Since the events of Twisted Metal: Black take place inside Sweet Tooth's (from the previous games) mind, the Asylum could either represent a manifestation in which all the different aspects of Sweet Tooth's personality are kept in his head and/or possibly just an actual asylum that he was once kept in.


These are the known inmates at Blackfield Asylum:


  • It's possible that Blackfield was inspired by Arkham Asylum from the Batman franchise, as both are situated on islands, are populated by criminally insane, and very outlandish inmates (both of which include a killer clown), and are very bleak, depressing and uninviting places.
  • Blackfield Asylum would have been featured in Twisted Metal (2012) in one of the Preacher's endings, but was cut from the final game.
  • BlackCage and Marcus Kane are the only contestants to not be Blackfield Asylum inmates.
  • Most of the inmates in the asylum are in there for murder, the ones who aren't are John Doe (believed to be a terrorist and has amnesia), Dollface (severe arrested development and brain damage), Raven (severe depression and homicidal tendencies), Charlie Kane and his son (disturbed attachment and denial, in the son's case, Charlie is dead) and Axel (homicidal anger issues and depression).