Blimp screen
"It's the final battleground. I hope you find the platforms beneath my blimp satisfactory for battle. The competition will be a real blast. You've made it this far... don't give up now!"

Calypso's Blimp is the eighth and final stage in Twisted Metal III.

Twisted Metal III

Picture this, fly guy. You're swooping around cloud nine in the main man's dirigible, destroying his cargo and your last round of enemies. But lo and behold, toasted opponents miraculously regenerate to test your patience and deplete your ammunition. Take out Calypso's Regenerator if your final wish is to prance about in a victory crown.

Enemies will constantly regenerate until you destroy a switch on the top floor. This switch is guarded by lasers, which can only be destroyed by first scouring the map for 4 other switches, which must also be destroyed. Once the final switch has been destroyed, you can freely kill your enemies without them respawning.


"I'd like you to meet an acquaintance of mine. He goes by the name Primeval. Be careful, he's not as friendly as the other contestants have been!" -Calypso

In tournament mode, after defeating the opponents at this level, the player then faces the final boss Primeval. Prevail against Primeval, and you've won Twisted Metal. Go see Calypso and claim your ultimate prize.


  • The song that plays on this level is Meet the Creeper by Rob Zombie. It is also the main theme song for the game.
  • Using Thumper, Primeval can be defeated in a mere second. At the lower floor of the blimp, there is a room with a huge hole in the center leading to a pit where you can fall off and die. Wait for him near that hole, freeze him and then use Thumper's Special Weapon to push him to his doom. However, this would take some proper timing as it is possible to push him with enough force to send him flying over the hole and landing safely onto the other side.
  • He is one of the only bosses in the series who can be defeated through means of luring or pushing into a pit, the others being Super Auger and Super Slamm from Twisted Metal 4. Minion in Twisted Metal (1995) can be shunted off the rooftops, but he will just take damage and reappear on the battlefield.