Catfish is the driver of Hammerhead in Twisted Metal: Head-On.

Twisted Metal: Head-On

Catfish, a man who prides himself as the mighty hunter, decided to modify his favorite rig to compete in this year's Twisted Metal, because after all, it's just another form of hunting, though it's done vehicular style. Catfish's illustrious, and often illegal, hunting obsession has resulted in the collection of the head of every type of big-game creature he's been able to claim to proudly hang in his trophy room. Now, Catfish's ultimate dream is to hunt the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom--the human--in an all-out, man-versus-man struggle for the survival of the fittest in the raw wilderness.

Catfish is voiced by Quinton Flynn.


Name: Hammerhead

Special Weapon: Ram Attack - Leaps into the air and crushes cars underneath its wheels. It will only work if there's a blue rectangle around the car when near other vehicles.


Twisted Metal Head-On - Hammerhead's Ending

Twisted Metal Head-On - Hammerhead's Ending


  • Catfish only has two fingers on his right hand: his thumb and index. The rest, for some reason, seem to have been severed.