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Crazy 8 is a vehicle that appears in Twisted Metal: Black and Twisted Metal: Lost. It is driven by No-Face. The car, a rally bug, has a high speed rating with average control, armor and special ratings. Its special is an omnidirectional taser, the same special as Outlaw in the majority of the games it appears in.

Twisted Metal: Black

No-Face drives the very car that his father won in a title match many years ago. It's dated appearance hides its advanced Special Attack. When initiated, Crazy 8's Special Attack surrounds the car in an electric surge that seeks out nearby targets. An additional surge explodes with every tap of the Fire Weapon button [default: L2] (press it repeatedly for max damage). The electric field can also be charged up by pressing the directional button rapidly three times in the direction of the enemy (↑ ← ↓ →) before pressing the Fire Weapon button. Make sure to keep opponents close, otherwise the electric connection will be lost.

Vehicle: Cord 810 'Crazy 8'

Driver: No-Face

Vehicle Type: Hot Rod/Rally Car

Control: 7/10

Speed: 8/10

Armor: 5/10

Special Weapon: 6/10

  • Field Surge

-Radar Elements-

Name on Radar: "Crazy 8"

Vehicle Blip Color: Orange

Twisted Metal: Lost


Car: Crazy 8

Driver: No Face

No Face is obsessed with rebuilding his mutilated mug. Tracking and killing those he deems evil, he steals the eyes and tongues of his victims. He struggles to create a new face for himself, one that will allow him to smile at his baby daughter without making her burst into tears. After 8 years, still no luck.


  • The vehicle is likely named after the shedding-type card game Crazy Eights.
  • Crazy 8's car design was originally going to be used on Outlaw as seen on Sweet Tour.
  • Crazy 8 was scheduled to be in Twisted Metal: Harbor City, keeping the same design and special weapon as from its supposed prequel Twisted Metal: Black. However, the special weapon was not finished; it was simply blue lines that were soon planned to be replaced by electric bolts.

    Crazy 8 model for Twisted Metal (2012) created by, cut from final game

    According to, a model for Crazy 8 had been made for Twisted Metal (2012), but the vehicle was cut from the final game.
  • In real life, Cord 810's are very rare and expensive, making it a rather unlikely choice for competing in a Twisted Metal tournament.
    • However, it is mentioned that the vehicle that No-Face drives in Twisted Metal: Black was actually a car his father won after a championship match - it could be plausible for a Cord 810 to have been offered as a prize considering it's rarity and expensiveness, and since No-Face was a boxer following his father's footsteps, it would also be likely for him to take the car; both for being a tribute to his father and one of his few options considering his mostly broke lifestyle before competing in the Twisted Metal contest.