Death Warrant is a new vehicle featured in Twisted Metal (2012). It closely resembles a 5th generation Ford Mustang. This car is the multiplayer default choice. Its stats are pretty basic, and its special lacks power. It has good speed, and is the third fastest vehicle in the game (sharing this position with Reaper and Roadkill).

Vehicle: 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 'Death Warrant'

Vehicle Type: Modern Muscle Car

Speed: 3/5 (90/135 mph)

Armor: 3/5 (200 HP)

Special Weapons: 2/5

  • Primary: Chain Gun (35 Points)
  • Secondary: Chain Gun w/ Zoomy Rockets (48-79 Points)

Overall: 8/15

License Plate: ??? ???

Death Warrant's primary special weapon is a vulcan minigun and can be fired backwards. The secondary special is a longer vulcan minigun with the charge-up ability, but if you charge it in the red and charge it up again, you'll unleash a series of zoomy rockets at your opponents. After charging the second stage, continue to hold down fire button until the charge meter blinks a faint red to release a longer zoomy rocket barrage. In the Official Game Guide, the secondary special is shown to be more than 2x as powerful as the primary special.


  • Death Warrant is very similar to Frankenstein's Monster, the vehicle that Jensen "Frankenstein" Ames drove in the 2008 "Death Race" remake. To enhance the similarity, do the following in the Custom Paint Shop: 1: Change the car color to Midnight. 2: Change the Skin to Stripes. 3: Change the Skin Color to Red. 4: Change the wheel color to Black.
  • Death Warrant is one of 6 cars seen on the cover art of Twisted Metal (2012). Along with Vermin, Crimson Fury, Sweet Tooth, Talon and Meat Wagon.
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