Twisted Metal - Small Brawl - Easy Death Oven lvlsel

Easy Death Oven is the third level in Twisted Metal: Small Brawl.

Twisted Metal- Small Brawl OST - Easy Death Oven

Twisted Metal- Small Brawl OST - Easy Death Oven

Twisted Metal: Small Brawl

Your mom asked you to watch the plumber fix the kitchen sink. But the poor guy looks like he's stuck under there! Whatever you do, just avoid the hot stove. Your RC car's plastic probably won't stand up to the heat very well.

Easy Death Oven is an Island-Type Kitchen in an House with its usual Layout. There are 5 enemies in Tournament mode.


  • Shoot the plumber's butt with napalm and It will reveal the underside of the middle arena. Darkside can be unlocked there.
  • Shoot the microwave and it will close, luring enemies in for some damage, if possible.
  • The environnmental attack here is just some freeze projectiles shot from the fridge. It is utterly useless as the level is quite open and that the projectiles will seldom hit your enemies. Watch out because you can also freeze yourself with it. But then again, the attack will most likely miss.
  • If you look through the windows, you will see a treehouse. This is the same treehouse as in the level Tree Top Rumble.
  • This level's theme is a remix of "Cyburb Slide" from Twisted Metal (1995).