Firestarter is a vehicle that only appears in Twisted Metal III.

Twisted Metal III


Vehicle: 1923 Ford T-Bucket / Firestarter

Driver: Damien Coles

Vehicle Type: Hot Rod

Handling: Tight

Armor: 2/5

Special Weapon: 3/5

  • Flamethrower: A giant flame thrower that scorches its victims to crispy-coated perfection.

Speed: 4/5


  • Firestarter is one of the vehicles who borrowed from Thumper's original flamethrower Special Weapon. The others include Drag Queen, Warthog (Black), Cousin Eddy, Kamikaze and Crimson Fury (2012).
  • Other than a pure desire to add new vehicles, it is unknown why exactly Firestarter was added to TMIII's roster, considering Thumper was already included and Firestarter contained its original Special Weapon.
  • Darkside's flamethrower in TMIII is very identical to Firestarter's, except the flames are larger and more damaging, and a Freeze Missile is simultaneously fired along with it.
  • Firestarter shares the exact same vehicle stats (Armor, Special Weapon power, and handling) with Club Kid and Flower Power.
  • Firestarter is the oldest vehicle model in the series.
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