Gene Ruttish is the driver of ATV. He makes his first and only appearance in Twisted Metal: Head-On. He is voiced by Brett Pels.

Twisted Metal: Head-On

Gene Ruttish had always fancied himself a ladies' man. Unfortunately, no one ever told the ladies. All his life he's tried one crazy ATV stunt after another in the vain attempt to gain their favor. For years he's been living by the credo: "Bones heal. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever." Years of trying crazy stunts have made him quite the skilled driver and willing risk-taker. Joining Cousin Eddy's caravan has given him a place to show off his skills, and Twisted Metal will be his latest stage for trying to "wow" the women. Gene knows exactly what he wants from Twisted Metal. When he wins, he'll ask Calypso to make him the most desired man on the planet.


Twisted Metal Head-On - ATV's Ending

Twisted Metal Head-On - ATV's Ending


  • Gene's rapid and unintelligible manner of speech is very similar to (And possibly inspired by) that of Jeff Boomhauer's from the animated TV series King of the Hill.