Gold Tooth

Gold Tooth was a gold-plated version of Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal: Black. Its stats are similar to Sweet Tooth's, though slightly stronger and faster. It's Special Weapon remains unchanged from Black. It is only playable in Twisted Metal: Lost after beating the game on the hard difficulty level.

Name: Gold Tooth/Dodge Power Wagon

Driver: Needles Kane


  • A secret benefactor is said to give this golden version of the truck to Needles, but he/she still remains in secrecy.
  • The eyes in the head above the car now have an intense red glow, but the shape of the truck remains the same.
  • In Twisted Metal (2012), Sweet Tooth can be repainted to look like Gold Tooth in the Paint Shop. The gold finish is a paint available to all vehicles. It gives no statistical differences, only visual.