Grasshopper TMHO
Grasshopper is a recurring vehicle in the Twisted Metal series, characterized by low armor, good handling, average Special Weapon power and speed. Grasshopper has appeared in the games Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal: Head-On, being driven by Krista Sparks in both appearances.

Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal 2 - Grasshopper

Vehicle: Dune Buggy / Grasshopper

Driver: Krista Sparks

Vehicle Type: Dune Buggy

Handling: Tight

Armor: 1/5

Special Weapon: 2/5

Krista sparks in grasshopper

Krista Sparks driving Grasshopper

  • Leap n' Slam: Difficult to avoid, Leap n' Slam allows the dune buggy to jump high in the air and land hard on top of an enemy. Be careful when executing this attack in enclosed spaces, because you can sustain damage by hitting obstacles like ceilings and bridges. Grasshopper can easily be taken out of its Special Weapon by a well aimed enemy attack.

Speed: 3/5

License Plate: JUMPIN (Jumpin', a reference to Grasshopper's name.)

Twisted Metal: Head-On


Name: Grasshopper (Meyers Manx)

Handling: 10/10

Armor: 2/10

Special Weapon: 4/10

  • Body Slam: Grasshopper jumps from the ground and smashes the targeted enemy. A green rectangle locked below the target indicates that Grasshopper ready to execute its Special Weapon. If successful, your target will be thrown far away. When the Special is upgraded, press the fire button repeatedly and a few beams of acid hits your target before Grasshopper smashes into the enemy.

Speed: 6/10


  • Grasshopper's upgraded special in TM:HO, which involves tapping the fire button to shoot beams of acid whilst airborne may be a shout-out to Pit Viper, a vehicle with a similar appearance from the original Twisted Metal.
  • Additionally, it should be noted that Pit Viper was replaced by Grasshopper in Twisted Metal 2. This can be justified by hacking Grasshopper's texture file. Pit Viper's Acid Spit sprites still exist in the file, and are complete, but are unused. However, it is possible to see this in-game on the PC port by texture swapping Grasshopper with certain characters (Axel is confirmed.) Because of this, it can be said Pit Viper was originally going to appear, but was taken out sometime in development. To further prove this theory, Grasshopper's files in the PC port are, respectively, initialed "PV".
  • Grasshopper, Mr. Slam and Spectre are the only vehicles in the Twisted Metal series that have been piloted by ghosts.
  • Grasshopper is one of the only recurring vehicles in the Twisted Metal series to have the same Special Weapon in all of its appearances, along with Spectre and Twister.
  • Grasshopper was scheduled to be in Twisted Metal: Harbor City, but its design and special weapon were never finished. During the beta test, the vehicle was nothing but a green car with the word "GRASS" on it.
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