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Junkyard Dog is a tow truck driven by Billy Ray Stillwell in Twisted Metal: Black and Twisted Metal: Lost. This vehicle reappears in Twisted Metal (2012).

Twisted Metal: Black


Billy Ray's vehicle, the Junkyard Dog, is a run-down tow truck that helps him earn a second income. At night, along the country road, he tows stranded motorists to the local mechanic for repairs. Its Special Attack is a flaming spiked ball that dangles from the truck's tow arm, and is similar to the Gas Can, but more powerful. Press the Fire Weapon button once to hurl it and a second time to bring it down upon the targeting reticle.

Vehicle: 1969 FWD LB6 'Junkyard Dog'

Driver: Billy Ray Stillwell

Vehicle Type: Tow Truck

Control: 5/10

Speed: 4/10

Armor: 9/10

Special Weapon: 6/10

  • Spiked-Ball Catapult

-Radar Elements-

Name on Radar: "Junk-Dog"

Vehicle Blip Color: Tan

Twisted Metal: Lost

Vehicle: Junkyard Dog


Driver: Billy Ray Stillwell

At the end of Twisted Metal: Black, Billy Ray embarked on his life's ambition: to outdo Sweet Tooth as midtown's most notorious serial killer. It's been almost 10 years since that vow, and he has yet to kill another soul. Until tonight...

Twisted Metal (2012)

Junkyard Dog is a returning vehicle featured in Twisted Metal (2012). Junkyard Dog's primary special, "Taxi Toss" launches a homing taxi into enemies from behind using the tow winch, complete with the taxi driver trapped inside. Yes, you read that correctly: this vehicle's special lets you throw a taxicab at your enemies! The taxi can also be dropped from behind like a mine and will explode when struck. The alternate special, "Taxi Detonation", functions similarly to the Remote Bomb and can be launched or dropped in the environment. Let the taxi cook long enough and it will send out a shockwave upon detonation, which will damage everyone caught in the blast radius.


In Multiplayer team modes, the alternate special is replaced by "Team Health drop", which lets the player drop a "health taxi" for teammates in the environment that can be detonated remotely, the longer the "health taxi" cooks the more it will heal your teammates. Take note however that the "health taxi" cannot be used to heal yourself.

  • Vehicle: 1995 GMC Topkick 'Junkyard Dog'
  • Vehicle Type: Tow truck
  • Speed: 2/5 (60/125 mph)
  • Armor: 4/5 (260 HP)
  • Special: Taxi Toss - 35 damage w/ direct hit. Alt. Special: "Death Taxi." Stage 1 Shockwave: 20 damage; Stage 2 Fire Wave: 60 damage. Alt. Special in team-based game modes: "Health Taxi."


  • Junkyard Dog is the only Black newcomer vehicle to reappear in another officially released game.
    • Although Crazy 8 was considered to return in 2012, it was scrapped for unknown reason(s).