Kamikaze is a new vehicle featured in Twisted Metal (2012). It is a compact sports car and features a Japanese red and white "Rising Sun" paint job. However, Kamikaze is modeled after an Audi R8, a German car.
Kamikaze is very similar to Crimson Fury (said to be "spiritual cousins" in the Twisted Metal (2012) Official Game Guide.) They both have similar stats and almost identical special weapons. The only real difference between them is that Kamikaze sacrifices a special weapon point for an armor point, making Kamikaze a better choice for deathmatch game types than Crimson Fury and a slightly different secondary special.

During a presentation in April, Jaffe referred to this car as Spectre, however, at the Comic-Con 2011 press conference, it was revealed to be a new vehicle to the series. Jaffe later admitted in a Sony vlog that Kamikaze is the spiritual successor to Spectre, just as Grasshopper was the spiritual successor to Pit Viper.

Vehicle: Audi R8 'Kamikaze'

Vehicle Type: German Sports Car

Speed: 5/5 (110/150 mph)

Armor: 2/5 (150 Points)

Special Weapons: 4/5

  • Flame Thrower (120 Points), EMP Blast (20 Points)

Overall: 11/15

License Plate: THRLSKR (Thrill Seeker) or LIV2KIL!!! (Live To Kill!!!)

Kamikaze's primary special weapon is a Flamethrower, a very effective stream of fire which does a great deal of damage. The secondary special weapon is the "Shock Freeze", a 360 degree EMP shockwave which can be charged up and can stall the engines of all enemy vehicles caught in the blast radius. 


  • Upon beating the story mode on the normal difficulty setting, Kamikaze's "Rising Sun" skin becomes available for all other vehicles.
  • Kamikaze's body design looks similar to 14K's car in the 2008 movie "Death Race". Its prequel "Death Race 2" has a character named Markus Kane. However, 14K's car is a Porsche 911, whereas Kamikaze is an Audi R8. Another similarity is that both cars hail from Germany.
  • In Twisted Metal (2012), Crimson Fury and Kamikaze's secondary Special attack creates a Fire/Ice theme. Crimson Fury's shockwave burns, and Kamikaze's shockwave freezes. Both use a Flamethrower as primary Special.
  • Kamikaze is one of the many vehicles who borrowed from Thumper's original flamethrower Special Weapon. The others include Firestarter, Drag QueenWarthogCousin Eddy and Crimson Fury.
  • Even though the vehicle design of Kamikaze is based on a German sports car, it's default paint scheme has the Rising Sun design, which originates from Japan.
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