Kelly was a deceased character, who only appeared in Twisted Metal: Black, as Raven's best friend. Kelly has white/blond hair, styled into a bob cut; a tattoo of a teardrop under her right eye; dark red lipstick; a golden ankh necklace; a crimson top, with a black feathery trim around the collar; not much is seen below her chest, but is shown to have combat boots.

Police Never Found The Body, it's possible she may have survived somehow...

Twisted Metal: Black


5 months prior to Twisted Metal: Black, she and Raven were on the pier (Raven mentioned it was after school), to find out if a boy she liked would notice her using tarot cards, but it turned up the death card. Not long after the card was drawn, two boys from their school drove up to them, calling her and Raven witches. One boy grabbed her by the ankles, and the other grabbed Raven by the arms. They wanted to know if a witch could swim, despite Raven's pleas that she couldn't. They dropped her off the pier anyway and the two boys got back into the car and drove off. Raven also couldn't swim, and could only helplessly watch. As she drowned, Kelly told Raven to get revenge for her. This caused Raven's habit of getting revenge, for the wayward souls. Most of those souls who were carried in her hearse.


  • Kelly and Benny (from Mr. Grimm's story) are similar in many ways:
    1. They're the best friends of the respective characters in question.
    2. Both were killed by people on whom the contestant vows revenge.
    3. Their deaths caused the contestant to be committed to Blackfield Asylum.
  • Although Kelly wasn't mentioned by name in Twisted Metal: Lost, she was one of the wayward souls that was carried in Raven's hearse.
  • Her death is a reference to an execution method called "Swimming the Witch", where someone accused of witchcraft was sent to a nearby river, lake, and/or stream; and was forced into said place to prove if he/she was a witch or not. If the witch dies by drowning; the person in question was pure, however if the person floats, he or she was proven to be a witch, and ultimately sent to be burned at the stake, or being hanged.