"Hey, don't touch the face!"
—Ken Masters, Twisted Metal 2

Ken Masters is a driver who appears only in Twisted Metal 2. He is the driver of Spectre.

Twisted Metal 2



Ken is a man in search of popularity. He wants to be known and loved. But if he gets his fame he'll find there are worse things than being anonymous.

"I remember back when I was a kid, everyone ignored me. In fact, they still do. That has to change, right? I can't be a loser forever. In fact, I'm gonna get help from Calypso when I win this contest. I know just what to ask him for."

Voice actor: Christopher Nissley


Twisted Metal 2 - Spectre's Ending

Twisted Metal 2 - Spectre's Ending

Spectre Ending (JPN) - Twisted Metal EX

Spectre Ending (JPN) - Twisted Metal EX


  • The name "Ken Masters" also belongs to a prominent recurring character in the Street Fighter series. Strangely enough, this Ken is also portrayed in some official fictions to be an actor, starring in martial arts films.
  • If you look closely at the locket in Spectre's ending in Twisted Metal: Small Brawl, you can see a photo of Ken Masters, hinting that he is the boy's father.
  • Ken's original name was Alex Moore, as revealed in his bio in the original beta build of Twisted Metal 2.