London screen
"London, what a beautiful city. Many landmarks are still standing... but not for long. I know you'll have fun in Buckingham Palace. While you're there, say 'Hi' to an old friend of mine. *Evil laughter*"

London is the fifth level in Twisted Metal III.

Twisted Metal III

Here's your chance to ruin this tourist trap for everyone. Isn't it high time you sent a Mortar crashing into Big Ben's face? Who really needs a clock that big anyways? It's amazing how a few well-placed explosives will loosen a conservative city up.

5 opponents (plus Regeneration)


"Look out behind you; my old buddy, Minion, is hot on your trail. Play smart, or he'll make short work of you."

In Tournament Mode, after defeating the 5 opponents at this level, the player then faces the sub-boss Minion, before moving on to Tokyo.