"Arrgh! ENOUGH!"
—Micro Blast, Twisted Metal 4

Micro Blast is a vehicle and contestant who makes his first and so far only appearance in Twisted Metal 4. He has yet to appear in other Twisted Metal games.

Twisted Metal 4



Micro Blast is a megalomaniac bent on world domination. From his modest beginning as a circus performer (World's Strongest Elf), Micro Blast has climbed the ladder to semi-anonymity as one of Sweet Tooth's thugs. His flawed but brilliant mind has hatched an amazing nuclear assault vehicle that looks like a toy car. Its rapid fire gatlinger can slice through anything. Sweet Tooth has offered Micro Blast a proposition: Win the contest and you will rule the world. Micro Blast jumps at the deal. His huge ego and lust for power always makes him forget to read the small print.

"It is time to show the world who truly is her master! After this tournament, I shan't be overlooked anymore. Why, I'll be up in the sky! It'll be me for sure who will be overlooking all these poor souls below me! *Evil laugh*"


Type: Toy Car

Handling: 4/5

Armor: 1/5

Speed: 4/5

Special Weapon: 2/5

  • Gatlinger: Micro Blast engages a series of rapid fire Speed Missiles.

Info and Ending

Twisted Metal 4 - Microblast's Info

Twisted Metal 4 - Microblast's Info

Twisted Metal 4 - Microblast's Ending

Twisted Metal 4 - Microblast's Ending


  • He is a leprechaun, although the Twisted Metal 4 instruction manual claims that he is an "elf."
  • Micro Blast's Special Weapon is called "Gatlinger." However, when the player is destroyed by a CPU Micro Blast's Gatlinger, the "Destroyed by ___________" message that appears on-screen erroneously refers to it as "Shorty."
  • As the TM4 instruction manual states, Needles promises Micro Blast that he will rule the world upon winning the Twisted Metal competition. However, Micro Blast's ending shows absolutely nothing about said deal as if it never came to be, and Micro Blast wished only to be tall like a skyscraper.


Twisted Metal 4

  • "Arrgh! ENOUGH! I've come here for me wish."
  • "Why, I oughta...!"
  • "I want to be tall... like a skyscraper! I want people to look up at me with FEAR!"
  • "I want it so me shadow falls upon an entire city, and I want it NOW! FOR AN ETERNITY!"