"We demand that you give us the ability to fly!"
—Mike & Stu, Twisted Metal 2

Mike & Stu are the second pair of drivers of Hammerhead. They only appear in Twisted Metal 2 thus far.

Twisted Metal 2


Clueless and looking for excitement (and chicks!), Mike N Stu are hoping to get the ultimate high when they win the contest.

"A Twisted Metal poem by Mike & Stu:
"The clouds are the place we want to be...far above where we can see...down women's shirts."

Voice actor: Christopher Nissley


Twisted Metal 2 - Hammerhead's Ending

Twisted Metal 2 - Hammerhead's Ending

Hammerhead Ending (JPN) - Twisted Metal EX

Hammerhead Ending (JPN) - Twisted Metal EX


  • Incidentally, Roadkill's TM(1995) ending says two high school kids found it abandoned in a dirt field and stole it to end the next contest. They may have intend to be these characters, while canonically the driver would be Marcus Kane.
  • Mike and Stu made a cameo appearance in Twisted Metal: Black webisodes, In one that involves Mr. Grimm, The two are vehicle-hijackers that met their gruesome end by the former.