"Let's go, Black. The fires of Hell need fuel."
—Mr. Ash, Twisted Metal (1995)

Mr. Ash is a recurring driver in the Twisted Metal series. He is the original driver of Darkside. He created the many creatures in the Underworld, including Black and possibly Minion. In the later games, he becomes more mysterious as a character with no storyline.

Twisted Metal (1995)

A strange creature born in the depths of the Underworld. No one is sure why he has entered the contest.


Twisted Metal - Darkside's Ending

Twisted Metal - Darkside's Ending

Twisted Metal - The Lost Endings Darkside's Ending

Twisted Metal - The Lost Endings Darkside's Ending

Twisted Metal 2

He made a cameo alongside Darkside in the intro and background of Twisted Metal 2.

Twisted Metal III

"You're not getting off that easy! Darkside has returned and he's out for blood....yours! Defeat him or die!"
—Calypso, Twisted Metal III

Darkside returns as the boss of Washington, the first boss in the game. The instruction manual of Twisted Metal III indicates that Mr. Ash is indeed the driver of Darkside in the game once more. Darkside has no ending, and he isn't a playable character, but the manual also states that Mr. Ash is in the contest simply to be an obstacle to other contestants.

Twisted Metal: Small Brawl

Ash Small Brawl

A younger version of Mr. Ash, now with the first name Jimmy, controls Darkside. His motivations remain unknown.


  • It is stated, by Mr. Ash, that he created Black. However, it is unknown if the Black he created is related, in any way, to the driver of Manslaughter in Twisted Metal: Black.
  • It's possible that Mr. Ash could be Satan. in TM(1995), he stated that he gave Black more power than any other demon and has a superior air to him when he talks to the latter and Calypso. Also, his outfit in TM:SB, further supports the evidence.
  • The container that Mr. Ash is seen to capture Black with in Lost Ending was a painted Folgers can.


Twisted Metal (1995) (Lost Ending)

  • "I came to get back what's mine. Let's go, Black. It’s time to come home.”
  • "It’s not your place to understand. And even though you'll never admit it, there many other things you will never completely understand."
  • ”Heh, and you, Black. I granted you more power than I granted any other demon and YOU left. You. Left. Me.”
  • ”Let’s go, Black. The fires of Hell need fuel.”