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Piecemeal serves as the final boss of Twisted Metal: Small Brawl.

Twisted Metal: Small Brawl

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To unlock Piecemeal, players must complete Tournament Mode using Trapper on Hard. Piecemeal is the final boss, appearing on Now Slaying. Unlike other final bosses prior to the game, Piecemeal has very different behavior as a boss. When Piecemeal approaches, the player can only damage it to a certain extent before it retreats, leaving other enemy vehicles to attack the player. The player must destroy any one of these vehicles to bring Piecemeal back into the arena, and repeat the step until Piecemeal is destroyed.


Piecemeal is a collector and a scavenger. He fashions his huge car from pieces of R/C cars he has defeated in Calypso's contest!

Armor: 10/10

Acceleration: 7/10

Top Speed: 8/10

Handling: 10/10

Special Weapon: Piecemeal has access to all Special weapons in the game, though in battle, it is situational. Piecemeal will only use the Specials that are used by the other enemies in the current match. For example, if in the boss battle, the player fought Darkside, Axel, Crimson Fury, and Spectre, it would only use those four Specials. This also applies to when you play as him, but it will always have Darkside's, Hammerhead's and Outlaw's Specials, regardless of whether they are on the battlefield or not.


  • Piecemeal is the third vehicle in the Twisted Metal series to have access to every other vehicle's Special Weapons. The first two are Minion (TM1) and Primeval (TMIII).
  • Piecemeal serves as Small Brawl's "Type-S Boss".
  • Piecemeal is another "built-from-scratch" vehicle, like Roadkill, Trash Man and Cousin Eddy.
  • Befitting its name, Piecemeal is made of parts from eight other vehicles in the game:
  • For some reason, Piecemeal cannot access Sweet Tooth's Special, even if Sweet Tooth is in battle, unlike Mime.
  • As a boss, Piecemeal has the second highest armor rating in Twisted Metal: Small Brawl, with Trapper beating it by a mile.
  • The word "piecemeal" means partial measures taken over a period of time, e.g. piece by piece or in stages. Thus its namesake is appropriate with regard to how the player must defeat it: attacking it in stages and lowering its health over time, rather than fighting it in a single battle.
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