Pit Viper is a vehicle introduced in Twisted Metal (1995). Pit Viper is a dune buggy, balanced in armor and speed. Although slightly lacking in Handling, it's special attack, a ball of acid, is capable of inflicting heavy damage. 

Twisted Metal (1995)


Vehicle: Dune Buggy 'Pit Viper'

Tough and sturdy, the Viper shoots a stream of acid that can melt most opponents with a single hit.

Driver: Angela Fortin

A woman leading a double life. She is competing for 1 million dollars in cash.

Vehicle Type: Dune Buggy

Special Weapon: 4/5

  • Sizzle: Your opponents will sizzle when covered with the deadly green slime.

Your enemies will bread out the antacid when they get covered with this sizzling glob of metal eating slime!

Speed: 3/5

Handling: 2/5

Armor: 3/5

License Plate: GN4HYR (Gun For Hire)


Pit Viper

Image of Pit Viper (from the Art of Twisted Metal handbook).

  • Even though Grasshopper replaces Pit Viper in Twisted Metal 2, it can be seen that it was, in fact, once considered for a return in Twisted Metal 2. Pit Viper's Acid Spit animations exist, complete, in Grasshopper's texture file, but are unused (Can be seen by texture swapping Grasshopper's with another vehicle). To further prove this theory, Grasshopper's files in the PC port are, respectively, initialed "PV".
  • On page nine of the art booklet included with the Extra Twisted Edition of Twisted Metal: Head-On, a render of a complete Pit Viper with a model different to that of the modern Grasshopper can be seen. From this, it can be deduced that it was at least considered for a return in either Twisted Metal: Head-On or what became Twisted Metal: Lost.
  • Pit Viper is the only vehicle in Twisted Metal (1995) not to appear in any other Twisted Metal game.
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