Pizza Boy is a vehicle that makes its first and so far only appearance in Twisted Metal 4. It has yet to appear in other Twisted Metal games.

Twisted Metal 4


Driver: Conner Nazang

Type: 1998 Honda Civic 'Illegal Street Racer'

Handling: 5/5

Armor: 2/5

Special Weapon: 2/5

Speed: 2/5

  • Blades: Pizza Boy sends out two giant spinning pizza saw blades that home in on an opponent.


  • Pizza Boy and Spectre's Twisted Metal III incarnation share the same dark blue color and white sports stripe design (Except Spectre has two stripes and Pizza Boy has only one), and both of their Special Weapons feature homing capabilities. Because of these similarities, it could be assumed that Pizza Boy was Spectre's replacement in TM4, but this has yet to be confirmed or denied.
  • Pizza Boy's rear license plate reads "PHAT," which is a slang word for "excellent."
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