Twisted Metal - Small Brawl - Playground Peril lvlsel

Playground Peril is the first level in Twisted Metal: Small Brawl.

Music track:

Twisted Metal Small Brawl - Playground Peril

Twisted Metal Small Brawl - Playground Peril

Twisted Metal: Small Brawl

Calypso has been kind enough to take over one of the local playgrounds for you to battle in. The jungle gym in the center is perfect for hurling bottle rockets at opponents below and your RC car's just heavy enough to ride the seesaws.

Playground Peril is a small, square shaped area with toys scattered all over. It has a slide ramp on the northern and eastern part of the map that will take you up into a small playhouse. There is a duck on the eastern side of the map and a boy and some swings on the northern part of the map. There is also a tire and seesaws on the south-west side of the map. 3 opponents must be defeated in Tournament mode to advance.


  • Shoot one of the swings in Story Mode to unlock Axel.
  • If you shoot the boy spinning enough he will go very fast and then fly off the map.
  • Shoot the duck enough and it will turn into a roasted chicken.
  • The tire can be burned if you shoot it with a napalm.
  • If you sit on one side of the seesaw, it will go down and the other side will go up.
  • There is a toy near the seesaws with some explosives on it. If you touch it or shoot it, it explodes. Each time you destroy it, another explosive toy appear.
  • The background music for this stage is a remix of the Twisted Metal 2 Los Angeles.