"I'd like you to meet an acquaintance of mine. He goes by the name, Primeval. Be careful, he's not as friendly as the other contestants have been!"
Calypso, Twisted Metal III

Primeval makes its first and only appearance in Twisted Metal III, serving as the final boss of the game in Calypso's Blimp.

Twisted Metal III

Primeval is the mightiest of Calypso's henchmen. He is the guardian of the big guy's blimp and the boss of the level. He is highly maneuverable, his Special Weapon is incredibly powerful and he has access to all Special Weapons in the game. Primeval's vehicle surrounds him with a roll cage so he's also not afraid to take a tumble.

Primeval is an unplayable character without means of a cheating device such as a GameShark. The GameShark Code to select Primeval is: 800D2D0 000F


Type: ??

Handling: ??

Armor: ??

Special Weapon: ??

Head Hunter: Primeval unleashes a combination of Mr. Grimm's and Roadkill's Special Weapons that home in on the target with uncanny accuracy.

Speed: ??


  • Primeval's name is either derived from the term "prime evil," a reference to the word "primeval" as an allusion stating that he is one of the oldest living demons from Hell, or both.
  • The TMIII instruction manual states that Primeval has access to all Special Weapons in the game. However, this has not actually been proven during gameplay.
  • In Marcus Kane's info, it's assumed that he has met Marcus before.