Reaper is a new vehicle in Twisted Metal (2012). It is a vaguely powerful custom chopper motorcycle associated with Mr. Grimm and his fellow stunt riders. It carries on the Mr. Grimm tradition of good speed, poor armor, and a devastating Special Weapon. The vehicle is unlocked by completing Needles' second event.

Reaper's primary special is a high-damage chainsaw that can be thrown at opponents and has slight homing ability. However, if you tilt the left analog stick down, you'll pop a wheelie and drag the chainsaw on the ground, temporarily setting it ablaze and increasing its damage significantly. This is the most powerful weapon in the game, able to destroy most light classed vehicles in one hit. However, the flaming chainsaw has no homing capabilities, making it difficult to use in hectic combat situations, it also has a slight delay.

Vehicle: Harley-Davidson Chopper 'Reaper'

Driver: Mr. Grimm

Faction: The Skulls

Vehicle Type: Motorcycle

Speed: 4/5 (90/135 mph)

Armor: 1/5 (90 pts.)

Special Weapons: 5/5

  • Chainsaw (40 pts.)
  • Flame Saw (150 pts.)
  • RPG (20-120 pts.)

Overall: 10/15

License Plate: ??? ???

The secondary special is an RPG which causes Reaper to come to a complete stop and the rider to draw a rocket propelled grenade launcher which can be manually aimed and fired. The projectile "cooks" like a remote bomb while in midair and can be detonated before it hits an enemy or obstacle.


  • Reaper's special attack is tied with Death Warrant for the fastest recharge rate, but it also has the weakest armor of any vehicle.
  • It has the third-highest speed in the game (90/135 mph), behind Crimson Fury (120/155 mph) and Kamikaze (110/150 mph).
  • Reaper's speed is the same as Death Warrant and Roadkill. Talon shares its base top speed, but its boosting speed is slightly lower (130 mph).
  • Only Juggernaut (all versions) and Iron Maiden are able to survive two direct hits from Reaper's fully-charged chainsaw special. The Brothers Grimm may share this distinction, but Reaper is unavailable for that battle.
  • Reaper was originally colored red in the beta stages of TM (2012), resembling Mr. Grimm's appearance from Twisted Metal 2, Twisted Metal III and Twisted Metal: Head-On. It can however, be repainted in the paint shop if the player so chooses.
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