Road Boat is a new vehicle featured in Twisted Metal (2012) and closely resembles a 4-door Chevrolet sedan but heavily armored.

Road Boat's primary special weapon is the "Magnet projectiles", similar to the "Ricochet" weapon pick up in Twisted Metal III, it is a spinning disc that can lock on and be fired directly at enemies and can ricochet off walls. When not locked onto an opponent, the disc will split into 3 separate discs and inflict extra damage.

Vehicle: 1972 Chevrolet Biscayne

Vehicle Type: Armored 70s Chevrolet Sedan

Speed: 2/5 (60/125 mph)

Armor: 3/5 (210 Points)

Special Weapons: 3/5

  • Magnetic Projectiles (11 Points Per Projectile), Tractor Beam (20 Points)

Overall: 8/15

License Plate: RO-BOAT (Road Boat)

The secondary special is the "Mega Magnet", a powerful magnet that flips up on the bumper. Activating it causes the magnet to attract an opponent to the front of the vehicle. From there, the opponent can be charged up and fired from the magnet or rammed into a wall using the "Sixaxis Slam" to inflict major damage. While charged up, victims of the "Mega Magnet" can also be fired into other enemies and both will take damage from the impact. A strategy that works well is to attach your enemies to the front of the car and then pour dozens of Mega Gun shots into their car. If you need to get rid of someone in a hurry, launching your enemies off of cliffs or into obstacles (such as the spiked balls in Blackrock Stadium) is also effective. The alternate special is reminiscent of Mr. Slam.


  • Road Boat seems to resemble Thumper. Many people have gone into Paint Shop and make it resemble Thumper.
  • Despite Crazy 8 not making into the game's roster, both Road Boat's side doors have the number 8 drawn crudely with spray paint, though never implied, it could be speculated that this was a subtle way to pay homage to the scrapped vehicle.
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