Rooftop screen

Rooftop Combat is the final level of Twisted Metal (1995) and is also a secret level in Twisted Metal 2.

Twisted Metal (1995)

The rooftops of LA's tallest skyscrapers serve as the battle ground for Twisted Metal's final battle! Shoot and shove 3 enemies into submission, then go head to head with Minion, the winner of last year's Twisted Metal. If you win this level, you win the contest and get to claim your ultimate fantasy...

Music track:

Twisted Metal 1 - Rooftop Battle

Twisted Metal 1 - Rooftop Battle


Minion is very durable, and moves quickly despite its size. His special weapon is a combination of many others at a single shot.

Twisted Metal 2

This level is unlockable by entering ↓ ← R1 ↓ at the track selection screen for a two player challenge match. The song that plays is the same as in New York.