The suburbs located outside of Midtown. It is a massive arena featured in Twisted Metal: Black


The Suburbs: Midtown Suburbs features highly destructible buildings, including a large Ferris Wheel which can be brought down on opposing drivers. There is also an environmental weapon in the warehouse area which summons a lightning bolt to attack drivers within the area.

Music tracks:

Twisted Metal Black Suburbs Ambient Music

Twisted Metal Black Suburbs Ambient Music

Twisted Metal Black - Suburbs Theme-0

Twisted Metal Black - Suburbs Theme-0


  • Unlocking Prison Passage: The Prison Passage arena can be unlocked in the Suburbs arena. Unlocking the arena is somewhat difficult; faster drivers such as Mr. Grimm are recommended for unlocking it. To unlock it, the player must go to the Ferris Wheel area and locate a gas can near a building. The player must then jump to the rooftop of that building, then to the rooftop of the building directly to the left, then use turbo to reach the building directly on the right. Destroy a structure on the roof and drive over the icon and Prison Passage will be unlocked.
  • Unlocking Warthog: The car Warthog can be unlocked in the Suburbs arena near where the Prison Passage level can be unlocked. Unlocking Warthog is similar to unlocking Prison Passage; the player must find a building with a gas can in the carnival area and reach the roof of that building. However, rather than jumping to the next building, the player must drop into the first building, where they will find a control panel. Destroy the control panel and Warthog will be unlocked.


  • This level features a remake of the song "Drop Dead" from the original Twisted Metal. This song was featured in the Rooftop Combat stage.
  • The shopping mall featured in this level is titled 'RidgePointe Centre'. The use of the UK spelling of 'Center' in a North American neighborhood setting, may imply that this level is set in Canada.
  • The music score for this stage was at first planned for the Skyscrapers stage, while the Skyscrapers' stage music was planned for the Suburbs.
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