The Talon helicopter is a new vehicle in Twisted Metal (2012) and is the first playable helicopter in the franchise. It's introduction offers a radical new take on traditional gameplay found throughout the series, and expands the area of play to the skies and beyond.

Talon's primary special weapon is a tri-gunner minigun that can lock onto opponents, while it's secondary special is a high-powered magnet that can pick up enemies and drop them to their death. The higher the distance, the more damage you will inflict. The magnet can also be used in support scenarios, such as airlifting weakened teammates out of the heat of battle and rapidly transporting teammates carrying faction leaders to the missile launcher in Nuke Mode. The gunner's position is in the side of the helicopter and the gunner can control the helicopter's movement, albeit, limited.

Talon is unlocked by defeating The Brothers Grimm in Sweet Tooth's story campaign. It is mandatory for the final phase of the final battle in Dollface's story campaign, against the Sweet-in-the Box.

Vehicle Type: News Helicopter

Speed: 4/5 (90/130 mph)

Armor: 1/5 (120 Points)

Special Weapons: 4/5

  • Tri Gunner, Drop Magnet


  • Talon has the third-lowest health in the game, ahead of Crimson Fury (110 HP) and Reaper (90 HP).
  • Talon may have been inspired by trying to make Warhawk a playable character in Twisted Metal: Black.
  • Talon's name, and its special may refer to how birds of prey grab/carry prey in their talons when hunting.
  • In Twisted Metal: Black and Twisted Metal: Head-On, similar helicopters appear in multiple levels, serving various purposes. Most carry Health/Weapon Pick Ups, at least one fires a chain gun as an environmental attack in Downtown.