Tanker is an unplayable enemy vehicle in Twisted Metal: Black.  A smaller version of Minion, it has less health and has a weaker version of the flamethrower special weapon. It only appears in the final level of story mode. When defeated, the wreckage remains, and the player must shoot at it when Warhawk is overhead in order to damage its shield. This process must be repeated two more times and Warhawk's shield is then down. The vehicle does not reappear again unless you restart the level.

Driver: SWAT team officers (Assumed)

Vehicle: Mack MH Ultra-Liner

Special Weapon: A freeze missile followed by a flamethrower, effectively torching the target.

Armor: 1/10

Speed: 9/10

Control: 9/10


  • Tanker seems to be similar in, if not the same, size to Minion when played as. This is because the Minion the player gets to play as is reduced in size.
  • Tanker has a similar special to what Darkside had in Twisted Metal III.
  • The player only has to take a portion of Tanker's health before Tanker enters a harmless damaged state, where the player must finish it off to cause damage to Warhawk's shield.