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Preacher and his gunner in Road Boat.

The Holy Men
are one of the four factions that are featured in Twisted Metal (2012). They are led by Preacher, and each appear to have a devotion to ending Calypso's demonic tournament.

Although they do not appear in the story, it is speculated that the Holy Men attempted to stop Calypso through the tournament but were unable to, as the Preacher is seen in a hellish prison right after the tournament is over.

Preacher's Gunner

The gunner that works with Preacher is quite a unique character. He wears a one-piece leather outfit that looks like a cross between a gimp outfit and medieval leather armor. He is a Caucasian male, like Preacher, but he appears to be significantly younger than his boss. He will still curse, even though he is apparently a priest.