Thumper is one of the first vehicles introduced in the Twisted Metal series, making its first appearance in Twisted Metal (1995). It has always depicted as a low rider.

Thumper's Special Weapon traditionally involves a flamethrower, but has seen other changes. Sometimes music resembling hip-hop sounds off when the special is initiated. Thumper's special is usually among the most powerful in the series.

Twisted Metal (1995)


Vehicle: 1963 Chevrolet Impala 'Thumper'

The lowest of the low riders, this car is tough and big, able to escape from the toughest of neighborhoods.

Driver: Bruce Cochrane

A passionate kid from the streets of L.A. He's got one last shot at taking his neighborhood out of the war zone.

Vehicle Type: Low Rider

Special Weapon: 5/5

  • Scorcher: Burn your enemies to a cinder with this red hot column of flame. Strong with lots of reach!

A flame thrower like no other. Get in close and toast your opponent!

Speed: 4/5

Handling: 2/5

Armor: 4/5

License Plate: DRYVBY (Drive-By)

Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal 2 - Thumper

Vehicle: 1964 Chevrolet Impala 'Thumper'

Driver: Bruce Cochrane

Vehicle Type: Low Rider

Handling: Intermediate

Armor: 2/5

Special Weapon: 4/5

  • Ultra Flame Thrower: A ferocious beam of fire that bursts from underneath the vehicle's hood. When confronted by several enemies at the same time, fire this Special Weapon and go into a tight turn. With luck you'll strike more than one car!
  • This Special Weapon is powerful enough to destroy any normal enemy with 2 simultaneous uses, and is capable of destroying Dark Tooth with 4 uses.

Speed: 3/5

License Plate: NRSITYMN (Inner-City Man)

Twisted Metal III


Vehicle: 1963 Chevrolet Impala 'Thumper'

Driver: Bruce Cochrane

Vehicle Type: Low Rider

Handling: Average

Armor: 3/5

Special Weapon: 3/5

  • Sonic Blast: An ultra-loud wedge of energy that ripples out from beneath his car and launches his victims into the air like human rockets.

Speed: 3/5

Twisted Metal 4


Thumper reappears in Twisted Metal 4 as Super Thumper. It serves as a boss in Road Rage. It can be unlocked by completing Tournament mode or inputting O Δ Start O ← at the Password screen. The identity of it's driver is unknown, however many have speculated that the driver is once again Bruce Cochrane.


Type: 1973 Cadillac Eldorado

Handling: ??

Armor: ??

Speed: ??

Special Weapon: ??

MegaFire: Streams two lines of continuous flames causing high damage. Opponents who are hit by this weapon will get burned over time.


Twisted Metal 4 - Custom Car's Boss' Ending

Twisted Metal 4 - Custom Car's Boss' Ending

Note: This ending is shared with all other boss vehicles of the game as well as custom vehicles.

Twisted Metal: Small Brawl

Twisted Metal - Small Brawl - Thumper bio
Twisted Metal - Small Brawl - Thumper carsel

Vehicle: 1959 Cadillac Eldorado

Drivers: Vinnie & Bruce

Vehicle Type: Low Rider

Armor: 4/10

Acceleration: 5/10

Top Speed: 4/10

Handling: 8/10

Special Weapon: Three purple sounds waves, one by one, that push your enemies back, causing good damage. The waves will bounce around the map until they disappear.

Twisted Metal: Head-On

Thumper Angel
Thumper returns to Twisted Metal: Head-On. Unlike the previous games, where the car is driven by male characters, the car is operated by a girl named Angel. She entered the tournament to have a car that puts others to shame.

Driver: Angel

Vehicle: 1959 Pontiac Bonneville "Thumper"

Handling: 5

Armor: 4

Special Weapon: 8 

  • Balls of Fire: Sprays a jet stream of flames and also launches fireballs if you press the fire button twice.

Speed: 6



  • With the exception's of TMIII and TM:SB, Thumper's special weapon has always been a flamethrower.
  • Thumper was originally planned to appear in Twisted Metal: Black as a black low rider covered in graffiti, but the idea was later scrapped as they could not find it a suitable driver.
  • Thumper was scheduled to be in Twisted Metal: Harbor City. Its design and special weapon were fully developed; but after the cancellation of the game, the vehicle was moved to Twisted Metal: Head-On with everything still intact.

Scrapped Thumper Design from Twisted Metal: Black

Twisted Metal 4

  • There could have been a possibility of the driver of Super Thumper having an info screen, as Bruce Cochrane's TMIII info screen can be found in the game's files under the name "THUMP.TIM[0]."
  • Even though Thumper is already in TM4 as the boss Super Thumper, it is possible to create a similar looking vehicle in Create a car mode.
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