Warhawk`s rooftop

Warhawk's Rooftop is the eighth and final level of Twisted Metal: Black, where the final boss, Warhawk, is fought.

Warhawk is a helicopter who will fire rockets at you and destroy your very small amount of cover, while you destroy Tankers to destroy Warhawk's shield. Once destroyed, it will show a short cutscene in which Warhawk's pilot is falling from the exploding helicopter. The rooftop consists of two small shack-like buildings which are your cover. Warhawk will try to shoot the roofs out. The map is the top of a round skyscraper.

Unlockable Abandoned Skyscrapers: Drive towards the building where the Tanker jumps from and jump off to get the secret black cube. This may take a few attempts, but if you are sucessful, you unlock the Abandoned Skyscrapers (Story Mode only).

Music track:

Twisted Metal Black Warhawk Music

Twisted Metal Black Warhawk Music


  • The music track from this particular battleground is a remake of the original Amazonia music track from Twisted Metal 2.
  • This is the smallest map of TM:B's Story Mode.
    • As such, this is the only level that can be played in story mode, but cannot be used in single player challenge mode.
  • This stage is set in the same locale as the Abandoned Skyscrapers stage, but only the round building is fought upon.